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Courtes Notes

Besides all my growing own stuff i keep lots of images which i got from various auctions and sites with permission. Here i want to keep a list of the most generous ones, with link if possible, so that i know from whom i have general permission etc. :-).

Please mail me:

General Permissions

Other Contributors

Sellers on ebay who granted permissions (alphabetically):

2573chrisw, adamspry, akuladibanula, alcuadras, andygl, avopat, bartfax, bonaccorsi, brescialeonessa, byett, candydude204, chaosdm, chimdriver, collectamaniac1, davidebarlotti, descent2007uk, diliconics123, doomnacht, doriva42, eastaftonfarm, futek1, gb1904kgb, guppy710, hgl311, horst21021953, icarusiv, investronik, jamerlo_es, jchamkis, jeff.built, jennytals, k523dvv, katiestuart, kingdiamond, kitchenarea, leedsfreak, lez266, lichtstrahlen, lilacfloyd-uk, littlelesfl, mcjoecool, modmission, moneytalks00, mr_levens, mr_lloydie, neilpaint123, ostfriesland01, paulie.dobson, recompute33, retro_dreams, reverb2002, rockrabilia, rossyb, royston21, saluspopulae, shweik1973, stalvs, stealthbrouk, talinov, thomas.thm, tommybi, ttl, underwulde, vktrscp70, weyland-yutani7, will_moindrot, wings-for-victory, wkreher, wombletwo, zebranyc, zipzapbangbang, zv2000

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