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Timex Sinclair 2000

by Timex USA, 1982 (unreleased)

The ZX Spectrum arrived on American shores via a circuitous path of development. Originally Timex had intended to repeat what it had done for the TS1000 – rebadge a British machine. The first version of the US Spectrum, the TS2000, was envisaged as a UK 16K Spectrum in a Timex-badged black and silver box, as shown in the concept image below. At the end of 1982, a prototype of the TS2000 was displayed at a Timex user meeting in 1982.

However, the machine itself was never released. Instead the case was reused to house an upgraded TS1000, the TS1500, and the Spectrum itself was developed further and released as the TS2068 in late 1983.

[info based on an ebay auction, don't know right now where it originates from.]

Creative Computing April'1983

[2020] thanks to Luis Alberto D'Ardis.

Creative Computing April'1983 issue had a large coverage about their visit at the CES. There Timex had anounced the Timex Sinclair 2000 for $149 (16k) and $199 (48k).


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