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Soviet BALTIK Design for self-built ZX Spectrum Clone

A BALTIK clone This is a design for a self-built ZX Spectrum clone for hobbyists. It is one of the first self-made clones of ZX Spectrum in the Soviet Union.

Whether a specific computer is a BALTIK clone can only be determined by a look at the circuit board. The BALTIK design is sometimes intermixed with others, most commonly the LENINGRAD computers.

Technical Data

Processor:      Z80A
Rom: 2x 2764 or 1x 27128
RAM comes always in 8 DRAM chips, so i think it must be 64K, but eventually only 48K usable.
PIO: KP580BB55 (8255) PIO chip

Circuit Board

Each layout comes in variants, as the hobbyists designed them. There are several routing variants and many have additional circuitry, most common an RGB output, but the placement of chips is typically preserved. You can build your own BALTIK clone! Just take a look into Build your own!.

For the keyboards there seem to be either sources for those funny colourful striped keys or they were printed, cut out and stick on top of the keys of whatever keyboard was available.


Outputs are typically only few on the rear side:

Power supply
Video or RGB
Tape recorder
Kempston joystick

5-pin DIN sockets are most widely used for all ports, even for power, if the cord was not attached directly to the computer.


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