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Czerweny Electronica, Argentina

TADEO CZERWENY S.A. was founded in 1958 as an Argentinian manufacturer of transformers and other high-power electrical equipment. In the early '80s they started the new business field of micro computers in their plant in Parana.

Czerweny's ZX81 compatible machines are found at /80/Clones/Czerweny Electronica, Argentina.

CZ 2000

This is a repackaged Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It uses a black version of the Timex Sinclair TS1500 case, 'modded' with the typical Spectrum rainbow in the right-hand corner. Internally it's an original ZX Spectrum issue 4 or, later, issue 6a, built by Timex Computer in Portugal.

CZ Spectrum

The CZ 2000 was quickly replaced by a version in a new case assembled in Argentina. The cases of the CZ Spectrum and the CZ 1000plus and CZ 1500plus (both ZX81 clones) seem to be identical. They still used the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum rubber keyboard. (resp. TS1500 for the ZX81 clones).

The CZ Spectrum added two standard joystick ports, a monitor output in addition to the VHF TV output, and a reset button.

CZ Spectrum plus

This is just the same move as with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Same computer, but with new black plastic keyboard instead of the rubber mat. The base case is still the same as for the CZ Spectrum, thus it is slightly shorter than the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum+.

The BASIC errors and messages were translated into Castilian (Spanish).


As Czerweny used genuine Sinclair chips and ROMs the compatibility of their models was 100% to their respective originals. Only the CZ Spectrum plus had translated messages and thus a slightly modified ROM.


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