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The Sinclair ZX80 ROM

Here is the 4kB BASIC ROM of the ZX80 together with it's source (commented disassembly). The disassembly was taken from G. Wearmouth's website www.wearmouth.demon.co.uk/ and is still updated every now and then. The ROM is copyright by AMSTRAD but may be distributed with emulators.

The aszmic.rom is an Z80 assembler OS. It is reportedly ZX81 compatible, but because of it's 4 kB size i believe that it also runs on a ZX80 though i cannot confirm this. [2006-07]

The ZX81's 8 kB ROM can be used in the ZX80. The only restriction is, that the ZX80 can not run in SLOW mode, unless you add the NMI generation circuit, which seems to be a pretty simple task though.


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