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ZX80 Ads

If you don't see the pictures, they are probably blocked by your ad blocker. Best you put my site on the exception list. :-)


Name Letzte Änderung Länge 
AD for kit in GB.jpg
size: 1457 × 1031
2005-11-01 15:34 365992 
AD in GB.jpg
size: 525 × 754
2005-11-01 15:34 122168 
AD in USA.jpg
size: 300 × 400
2005-11-01 15:34 29238 

I try to ask for permissions for each image, but this is extremely time-consuming. So if you find your work here, i'll be happy to to add a courtesy note to the image or, on demand, remove the image. Please send mail to kio.

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