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ZON X-81 by BI-PAK

The ZON X-81 is a programmable Sound Generator for use with ZX81. Later Bi-Pak released an adapter board to connect it to the ZX Spectrum and even later then a modified version called ZON X which connected to a ZX81 and a ZX Spectrum alike.

It contains an AY-3-8912 three-channel sound chip with amplifier, loudspeaker and volume control in a 6in. x 3in. x 2in. box. Everything was powered from the computer.

As the device is I/O-mapped it requires machine code on the ZX81 but their REM-located sample machine code is simple and relocatable and thus can coexist with other REM-based machine code.

BI-PAK ZON X-81 used the AY chip

"Make amazing sounds with your Spectrum." 8 octaves, 3 channels with full control over pitch, volume, tones and noise, all with envelope control. Usable in your own Basic or M/C programs. Because this devices used the A4 address space, it is not compatible with the Interface 1 and Micrdrive. Because this was originaly a ZX81 interface, a small additional board is required. It sits between the ZON X and the Speccy, and contains a 3.5 Mhz oscillator to stabilise the frequency. Sinclair User Dec 83/Apr 83.

Tech info

This info is derived from scrutinising a ZON X interface (for ZX81 and Specci) and may be wrong in some details. If you find an error, please be kind enough to report it.

Sound chip              AY-3-8192
Clock cpu clock at bus connector pin /Clk ÷ 2
Decoded address lines: A0=1 to A3=1, A4=0, A7 selects function
Used i/o address: Select register: 0xCF
Write register: 0x0F
Read register: not possible.


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