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Power 3000, Lambda 8300 or PC8300

Power3000_50.jpg by Lambda Electronics Ltd., Hong Kong.

This more or less ZX81 compatibe micro computer was produced in Hong Kong and sold by multiple distributors under different names for each market country. E.g. in GB it was called 'Lambda 8300', in Germany 'Power 3000'. Other names were 'DEF3000' (France), 'Basic 2000' (Scandinavian countries), 'IQ8300' (where?). The manual is titled 'PC8300'...

It was ZX81 compatible in hardware, with a rubber keyboard, a video out socket in addition to the HF TV output, an Atari-style joystick port and a reset key on the keyboard. But it had a different ROM with character-by-character typing for BASIC tokens (at least PC8300), which was incompatible with the ZX81. The ROM could be replaced by a ZX81 compatible ROM. Eventually some models (Power 3000, Lambda 8300) had more ZX81-compatible roms, because they have the ZX81 Basic tokens printed near and on the key tops.

Available Peripherals


based on various sources and scrutinising my own machines...

Names               Lambda 8300     Lambda Electronics Ltd., Hongkong   (UK, SWE?)
  Power 3000 Creon Enterprises, Hongkong (Germany)
  PC 8300 (User manual title)
  Your Computer (Name on box)
  IQ 8300
  Basic 2000 (Scandinavian countries)
  Basic 3000
  PC 2000
  DEF 3000 (France)
  Futura 8300 [museo8bits.com]
  Marathon 32K [museo8bits.com]
Manufacturer Lambda Electronics Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Production 1983
Built-in language Basic, incompatible with Sinclair ZX81
Keyboard Rubber keys on plastic membrane, 42 keys, incl. a reset key
CPU Z80A @ 3.25 MHz
Text modes 32 chars x 24 lines
Graphics 64 cols x 48 rows using block graphics characters
Colours Monochrome
Sound Beeper
Size, weight 29.5 x 5.5 x 15.0 cm, 700 g
I/O ports TV, ZX81-compatible expansion port, tape i/o, video out, joystick


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