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Appendix I

Disc contents

The following catalogues the files stored on the CP/M Master disc and explains the use each file has - to help you know which files to have on the disc(s) you intend to use for any particular job.

Side 1: CP/M Plus and Mallard BASIC

SxxCPM3.EMSThe CP/M Plus operating system
RAMDISC.FIDOperating system extension (see Pt I, Section 4.4)
DEVICE.COM Assign CP/M's logical devices
DIR.COM Display details of Directory files
DISCKIT.COM Copy, format or verify a disc
DUMP.COM Display the contents of a file in hex
ED.COM Edit a text file
ERASE.COM Delete files
LANGUAGE.COMChange national character set
PALETTE.COM Set the colours used on the screen
PIP.COM Copy files
RENAME.COM Rename files
SET.COM Set file and drive attributes
SETDEF.COM Set disc and filetype search order
SETKEYS.COM Configure the keyboard
SETLST.COM Initialise the printer
SETSIO.COM Set up the RS232 port
SET24X80.COMSet the screen size
SHOW.COM Show information about drives
SUBMIT.COM Execute commands in a Batch file
TIMEOUT.COM Enable / disable device timeouts
TYPE.COM Display the contents of a file
PROFILE.SUBThe Startup procedure
RESET.KEYKey definition file (see Pt I, Section 4.6)
RPED.BAS } RPED Text Editor

Side 2: Programming tools

DATE.COM Set the date and time of day
GENCOM.COM Attach RSXs to a command file
GET.COM Specify source of Console input
HEXCOM.COM Generate a command file
HIST.UTL Provides additional debugging tools
INITDIR.COM Format directory to allow date and time stamping
LIB.COM Create a library of object modules
LINK.COM Combine object modules into a command file
MAC.COM Macro assembler
PATCH.COM Update file header after patching
PUT.COM Specify destination of Screen and Printer output
RMAC.COM Relocatable Macro assembler
SAVE.COM Save memory contents
SID.COM Symbolic Instruction Debugger
STSERIAL.COMSet up Serial Interface attached to the Expansion port
TRACE.UTL Provides additional debugging tools
XREF.COM Produce cross-reference summary
RAMDISC.ASM Source of RAMDISC.FID (see Appendix VI.6)
SERIAL.ASM Source of SERIAL.FID (see Appendix VI.6)
SERIAL.FID Operating system extension (see Pt I, Section 4.3)
FIDCSUM.BAS Checksum program for FIDs (see Appendix VI.6)

BASIC chapter 8 Index Appendix II