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Timex Sinclair 2040, Timex USA

The TS 2040 was a rebadged version of the Alphacom 32 thermal printer. It printed on a narrow, approx. 11 cm wide endless thermo paper roll and could print 32 characters or 256 pixels per line. Today you can buy thermo paper for fax machines and cut it carefully to the required width.

note: Many sources in the internet just copy wrong descriptions from one another saying that the TS2040 was a rebadged version of the Sinclair ZX Printer, printing on the same metallized paper. This is wrong! Right is what i have said above!

From the computers point of view it was attached just like the Sinclair ZX Printer and thus worked with the complete ZX computer range. LPRINT and LLIST commands redirected output to the printer. COPY did a screen dump.

The printer required and came with an own power supply. Therefore it could still be used with the ZX Spectrum+3 and +2A/B. (to be verified) The PSU supplied roughly 24 Volt at 1 Ampere.

The Printer was attached to the computers backside port via a short round ribbon connected to a ZX81-style port replicator. As introduced with the Sinclair ZX Printer, printers (and joysticks) frequently used only signals provided on the narrower ZX81 bus which had also to be identical to the signal assigned at the ZX Spectrum port. But though Sinclair had moved lots of the signals for the ZX Spectrum port, they had kept those required for the ZX Printer at the old positions. So all these printers worked with the ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum and clones. Due to the ZX81-only port replication you could only attach a joystick with the same narrow connector behind the printer connector. Other ZX Spectrum peripherals hat to be attached before the printer and therefore required to replicate the port too.


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