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ZX81 Clones from Prologica, Brazil

Prologica sold in Brazil clones for various platforms, the CP 200 and CP 200s were their Sinclair ZX81 compatible machines. They had an improved ZX81 compatible Basic, an Atari-style Joystick port which was wired in parallel to some keyboard keys, and rubber keys. old-computers.com states that they had no sound, but the open CP 200 on mci.org.br shows a piezo beeper. The expansion port was an extended version of the ZX81 bus. It is claimed that ZX81 peripherals could be connected, but it is wider. See the PCB scans. The CP 200 had a built-in PSU.


based on www.mci.org.br/micro/prologica/cp200.html and

PCB scans were found on 8bit-museum.de/pcb/.

Name          CP 200, CP 200s
Manufacturer Prologica, Brazil
Year 1982-1983
OS, Language Improved version of the ZX81 Basic
Keyboard 43 rubber keys
CPU Zilog Z80A @ 3.25 MHz
RAM 16 kB, upgradable up to 48 kB
ROM 8 kB
Text mode 24 lines à 32 characters, 64 non-ascii characters
  2 lines reserved for INPUT, 22 lines available for PRINT
Graphics 10 block graphics characters for 64x44 'pixel' graphics
Colors Monochrome
Sound Beeper (at least CP 200)
Size, weight unknown. (8 x 10 x 3 in (WxDxH), 2 lbs)
I/O ports TV VHF 2/3, Z80 bus, tape i/o 500-1500 bps, joystick (Atari)


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