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zasm - Z80 Assembler – Version 4.4

Command Line Options

--flatops, .flatops

Related Differences from v3 to v4: Command line options
Command Line Options
Command Line Options: Command line options
command line option, Pseudo instructions
8080 Assembler: 8080 pseudo instructions
pseudo instruction and predefined label

Evaluate Expressions
8080 Assembler: Expressions
expressions strictly from left to right, disobeying any operator precedence.

Old assemblers sometimes didn't know about operator precedence and were designed this way for simplicity.

Use this option Assembler directives: #if, #elif, #else, #endif
Pseudo instructions: if, endif
if error messages about byte values or offsets out of range are reported by zasm and these Expressions
8080 Assembler: Expressions
expressions make more sense when evaluated this way.

Normal operator precedence in zasm is:

unary ! ~ + –  ▶︎  >> <<  ▶︎  & | ^  ▶︎  * / %  ▶︎  + –  ▶︎  > >= etc.  ▶︎  && ||  ▶︎  ?:

Note that this is not the precedence as defined for C. B-). The hierarchy of operators in c is very bad.

Prior to version 4.3.4 a Pseudo instructions: Label definition
Numeric expressions: Labels
8080 Assembler: Labels
label _flatops_ was also defined.

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