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zasm - Z80 Assembler – Version 4.4

Command Line Options

-e --compare

This allows to check whether the output for a certain source file has changed: The output file of the assembly is not written but compared to the already existing output file of an older assembly. The main purpose for this option is to support zasm's self test, but you may use it to check your source for code-effective modifications without the need to supply a different output file name and to run cmp against the two files.

$> zasm -e zx82.asm "ROMs/zx82 standard rom for ram/zxsp rom for ram.rom"
--> mismatch at $33FC: old=$AA, new=$00
--> mismatch at $33FD: old=$04, new=$00
assemble: 10665 lines
time: 0.1129 sec.
zasm: 2 errors

In this #insert: Examples:
#assert: Example:
incbin: Examples:
#assert: Example:
example i have compiled the original source of the ZX Spectrum rom and compared it with a modified rom, where a routine which dumps unwanted data at address 0x0000 has been modified to dump it somewhere else, (when i look at the output this seems to be address 0x04AA) so that the rom file can be used in ram (Assembler directives: #if, #elif, #else, #endif
Pseudo instructions: if, endif
if you have ram at address 0x0000).

Assembler directives: #if, #elif, #else, #endif
Pseudo instructions: if, endif
If the files match, then simply an ok message is printed and no files are written. Assembler directives: #if, #elif, #else, #endif
Pseudo instructions: if, endif
If they don't match, then zasm stores a list file with generated opcodes so that you can immediately scrutinize the generated code at the losted addresses.

An output file is actually written to the /tmp/ directory.

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