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zxsp – the Sinclair ZX Home Computers Simulator

screenshot2s.jpg zxsp is a simulator for the historic Sinclair ZX home computer family for Mac OS X. The current version only supports Intel-Macs. Versions for Mac OS Classic, PowerPC and old versions of Mac OS X are available from the Old versions/ directory.

screenshot1s.jpg zxsp simulates the black&white models ZX80 and ZX81, the Jupiter Ace, the ZX Spectrum models with 16K and 48K ram, the Spanish clone from Inves, the +128, +2, the +2A/+2B and the +3 including the Spanish and French localised versions, the Portuguese TC2048 and the TS2068-based machines TS2068 (USA), TC2068 (Portugal) and unipolbrit 2086 (Poland). If you still own one of the emulated machines and find that the simulation does not match the original, you are welcome to contact me for further improvement. Just keep the original thing ready for testing. :-)

zxsp can load from and save to a built-in virtual tape recorder or a real-world cassette recorder or a real-world computer. It also can dup real-world cassette tapes to ".tap" and ".tzx" files or vice versa.

Solomon's Key Loading.gif zxsp supports ".sna", ".z80" and ".ace" snapshot files, ".tap", ".tzx", ".80", ".81", ".o", ".p", ".wav", ".aiff" tape files, ".dsk" disc files, ".dck" TCC dock files, ".img", ".dmg", ".iso" and ".hdf" hard disc images, ".scr" and ".gif" animated screenshots, excellent sound, precise screen and border effects, joysticks, a virtual tape recorder and virtual keyboards.

Reset 48k.gif zxsp comes with a debugger with register edit for the main chips and various memory display modes, a video beam position indicator, single stepper and memory disassembly. The machine can be throttled down to 1 Hz or overdrived to 20 MHz cpu clock. You can directly load Z80 assembler sources into zxsp or you can use zasm for assembling. The built-in assembler is a spawn of zxsp, so you may want to look into the zasm documentation anyway.

2015-05-18 - Version 0.8.0pre27

This is the current development version of zxsp. It requires an Intel Mac and it is compiled for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), but i expect it also runs on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). This is a snapshots of the current state of development. Scroll to the end of this page to find the downloads. Versions for Mac OS Classic, PowerPC and old versions of Mac OS X are available from the Old versions/ directory. See my blog for the latest changes.

New in this version: Emulation of Romantic Robots' Multiface ONE, 128 and +3

2013-06-04 – Follow me on the zxsp Blog

While this is the official download page for zxsp, i moved my regular postings about news and releases to a blog on blogger. All news about the version 0.8.0 prereleases are posted there. Visit and maybe bookmark it somehow.

Feature Summary

as of 2015-05-18 for version 0.8.0pre27

Supported machines:
Supported file formats:
Supported real-world machinery:
Supported virtual peripherals:
Integrated debugger:

The Files:

Name Letzte Änderung Länge 
Documentation/ 2019-11-18 19:27 40 
Examples/ 2019-08-20 05:23 25 
Old versions/ 2019-08-22 19:20 10 
Screenshots/ 2019-08-22 19:20 65 
2012-12-07 Debugger.png
size: 1700 × 1051
2012-12-07 22:13 824237 
size: 348 × 209
2012-12-22 19:20 41391 
size: 513 × 115
2012-12-22 19:20 39814 
2013-05-21 plus2 tape recorder.png
size: 280 × 257
2013-05-21 13:39 37891 
2013-06-09 SPECTRA Interface.png
size: 848 × 698
2013-06-09 18:04 271298 
2013-06-12 SPECTRA interface.png
size: 764 × 528
2013-06-12 18:10 248263 
2013-10-19 Lenslok - Colossal.png
size: 640 × 480
2013-10-18 18:48 53417 
2013-11-23 TC2086 Dock with Cartridge.jpg
size: 333 × 268
2013-11-23 17:28 40648 
2014-04-01 DivIDE interface.png
size: 402 × 318
2014-04-01 16:15 187733 
2015-04-26 Currah µSpeech.jpg
size: 322 × 258
2015-04-26 18:37 38165 
2015-05-18 MF128.png
size: 428 × 332
2015-05-18 17:56 124451 
zxsp-0.8.0.pre26.zip 2015-04-26 18:58 17437861 
zxsp-0.8.0.pre27.zip 2015-05-18 17:58 17522252 

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