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zasm - Z80 Assembler – Version 4.1


#target TZX

Supported TZX block types

TZX files are made out of blocks. Each of them may, or may not, define a complete data block on the tape. There are various block types which are identified by a block ID:

Supported block types

0x10: Standard speed data block
0x11: Turbo speed data block
0x12: Pure tone
0x13: Sequence of pulses of various lengths
0x14: Pure data block
0x15: Direct recording block
0x18: CSW recording block
0x19: Generalized data block
0x20: Pause (silence) or '#target TZX: 0x20: Pause (silence) or 'Stop the tape' command
#target TZX: 0x2A: Stop the tape if in 48K mode
Stop the tape' command
0x21: Group start
0x22: Group end
0x24: Loop start
0x25: Loop end
0x2A: Stop the tape Assembler directives: #if, #elif, #else, #endif
Pseudo instructions: if, endif
if in 48K mode
0x2B: Set signal level
0x30: Text description
0x31: Message block
0x32: Archive info
0x33: Hardware type

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